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For as long as I can remember, I have been trying to find my passion and my calling, until I decided to stop looking and create it. I gathered my thoughts and mixed all of the things I love the most - children, joy, quality family time, and pride. 

After working in the childcare industry for over 10 years and getting the amazing opportunity to see little ones learn, grow, explore, and become their own little selves, I knew in my heart whatever it was that I was meant to do had to be child related. I couldn’t picture myself doing anything that didn’t revolve around the magic and joy that they bring into this world. 

  • One of the things that love the most about kids is their infinite thirst for knowledge and their endless ability to learn while absorbing everything that surrounds them. Studies show that by 2050 1 out of every 3 people in the US will be fluent in Spanish, making it the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and sure, 2050 seems like a long way from now, but the reality is we are raising tomorrow’s adults today and we should take advantage of their brain plasticity by starting them in the journey of speaking Spanish and helping them reach their full potential.

    Immigrating to this country has been the wildest and biggest adventure of my life and has taught me countless lessons, but if there’s one that fills me with pride is how much I’ve learned to value and respect being Latina and having Spanish as my native language. There’s a quote in Spanish that goes “Lo bueno se comparte”, which translates into “ Good things are meant to be shared”, and that is basically what I’m doing here, sharing my language and culture with you and your little one while also sharing what I truly enjoy, love and treasure the most: quality family time. 

    VIDA which literally translates into “LIFE”, not only is my passion but has also become my mission in life.  I hope every time a Play-kit arrives at your door you and your little one get excited about learning and playing but mostly about having fun and bonding together while creating memories that will last a lifetime, or should we say “de por VIDA”

  • Thank you for being here, 

    Con mucho amor, Gabby.


Hola mi gente! My name is Michelle, and I’m from Valencia, Venezuela. I came to Miami when I was about 9 years old, not knowing a single word in English. However, as the time went by and began to see the world around me, I discovered a deep passion for working with children. I had always wanted to engage with them, play with them and guide them through important life and academic milestones. The more I immersed myself in environments centered around children, the more I realized child development was my calling.

  • I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development, dedicating countless hours and truly understanding developmental milestones and children’s behaviors. Additionally, I obtained a certification in Speech and Communication Disorders, which allowed me to work as a Speech Pathologist for over a year, and a preschool teacher for over six years.

    Throughout my career, I’ve come to the realization that there’s nothing I desire more than to help and guide our heroes of tomorrow. That’s why I joined forces with Gabriela and embraced her new project, VIDA. Gabriela provided me with the freedom to apply my knowledge and expertise to create engaging play kits that are filled with wonders and excitement.

    We are thrilled to share the magic of these play kits with you and showcase how our love for children continues to grow with each and every box.

  • With love,


Oh the places you’ll fly!