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    What’s inside our play kits?

    Our play kits contain engaging and educational activities that will leave your child eager for more. Each play kit includes a QR code that directs you to instructions and vocabulary for the activities. These play kits are specifically tailored to match the developmental stages of our children, helping them achieve their milestones while conquering the world.

    Who crafted the Play kit content?

    The content has been developed by Michelle, who holds a degree in Early Childhood Development. Throughout her career, she has honed her knowledge and expertise by employing diverse teaching methodologies and working in different educational environments.

    We don’t speak Spanish at home, could we still enjoy the VIDA play kits?

    Of course! Our play kits are fully bilingual (English-Spanish) to ensure our non-Spanish speakers understand the instructions and the purpose of each play kit. Also, in our QR code, you will find a vocabulary section that will lead you to a video where it demonstrates how words are correctly pronounced in Spanish, & in English.

    What age group is VIDA made for?

    VIDA has been thoughtfully crafted for children ages 1-4.

    Is VIDA a monthly subscription?

    VIDA is a seasonal subscription, new play kits are released every 3 months to keep the fun going all year long.

    When will my play kit be shipped?

    Once we get your order we’ll ship your play kit in 3 to 5 business days.

    Who is behind VIDA?

    -Gabriela Wadskier - Founding Owner.
    - Michelle Tomszay - Early Childhood Development Advisor & Research manager.
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